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Love in the September Years.

Intimacy, love, and passion is not left only to the young, you can have love in the september years. Many single seniors can get lonely and wonder either being widowed or divorced, whether they will ever fall in love again. But people in this group have a leg up as far as experience in navigating the complexity of being in a relationship. They know what it takes to be in a committed relationship. Though finding that next soulmate can be a challenge, he or she could be right where you attend worship or shop or meetings you go to. There are online resources as well-

Never too Late for September love

For those already growing old with a loved one, these times can be very rewarding. In the September years of life and being with someone to enjoy the memories of a shared past and make new ones can warm the heart. This is when Valentine’s Day is every day.

You’re in your 60s or older and you’re dating for the first time in a long time — or ever. You’ve been widowed for years, and now you’re wondering what it will be like to start seeing someone new.

The good news is that you’ve had decades of life experience to refine who you are. You know what you like and don’t like, what your needs are, and how to make a relationship work.

You also have a lot more wisdom than when you were younger. And while love may not be as easy as it used to be (at least not at first), it can be just as rewarding — if not more so.

love in the september years
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