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If you live home alone there may be times you feel lonely or like you don’t have anyone to talk to. This can be especially true if you are a senior who is dealing with depression or health issues. This can lead to you feeling anxious and unhappy. It may be hard to get out of bed or do anything productive when you feel this way. There are a number of ways besides watching TV to keep your life happy, fulfilled and safe while being home alone.

-Take up a hobby. Do something you enjoy such as gardening, knitting, painting and cooking.

-Grab a good novel and read it outside if it is warm enough.

-Start your own blog or website.

-Call a friend or relative and catch up on old times.

-Take part in an exercise class such as yoga or tai chi. It will improve your health and keep you feeling great about yourself.

-Join a club. You can find groups online or through local churches, schools and community centers that meet on a regular basis.

-Get involved in politics. Get to know your local government officials and candidates running for office so you can make informed decisions about who will make the best decisions for your community.

-Clean those cluttered drawers or closets.

-Start a bridge,board game or card game club.

-Join an online chat group,webinar or podcast.

-Invite friends,neighbors or relatives over for lunch.

-Get out of the house. Try to spend time outside in nature, visit a museum or go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

-Journal and or update that scrap book of pictures.

-Volunteer your time. You can volunteer at a local hospital or shelter, read to children at a library or help out at a daycare center.

-Get a pet, cats make good company. Ok dog too.

-Rearrange your furniture and get inspiring pictures on your walls.

As far as being safe;

-Never let anyone with an unscheduled visit into your home. Even if they have a uniform on.

-Stay in touch with someone daily even through a text.

-Check your fire and CO2 detectors regularly.

-Wear a medical alert device.

-Make sure your doors and windows are locked at night and install motion detecting lights and/or a burglary system.

Remember, many people home alone and happiness comes from within and you can be alone and not feel lonely.

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