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The Season of Giving | Give from the Heart

Give from the heart during this holiday season, because the spirit of giving is in the air. The joy of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa is felt by many faith communities. This season creates memorable moments for both the young and old. We look to make the holidays ones we can enjoy with family and friends. As we grow older we tend to look back on the happy days and times.

I can remember hearing Santa on the roof and then in the morning running to the Christmas tree as a child, to open up my presents. Now as an adult I find the same joy in the smiles I can put on my loved ones, with the gifts I get them. This brings peace to the heart. So, give from the heart.

The feeling of brotherly love and caring is exemplified at Lucky’ Home Care. We train our caregivers to listen to our clients and make them feel safe. At Lucky’s Home Care we give the gift of superior in home care services. #christmas2022 #kwanzaa2022

Giving from the heart doesn’t mean giving something expensive or difficult; it means giving something from your heart — giving because you want to help someone else who needs it more than you do. When you give from your heart, you give with love, care and attention to detail. You want to make sure that your loved ones are happy with their gifts. But,there’s something special about giving during Christmas. It’s an occasion where we are reminded of the true meaning of the holiday and that it’s not about shopping or gift-giving or other material possessions. Instead of worrying about what other people think of you as they unwrap their gifts this holiday season — whether they’ll like what they get or not — remember what matters most: Love.

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