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Happy Spring Time!

Happy Spring Time | Spring has sprung and there is no time like now to refresh your garden. Trimming the trees, planting flowers or vegetables. Plus tilling the soil can be a daunting task.

After a long winter and isolation due to Covid-19 restrictions we should be getting out in the yard and enjoying this good weather. We encourage you to still adhere to any mask restrictions and just enjoy life.

When it comes to spring gardening and the elderly, there are several tips and tricks that can make the process easier and more enjoyable. According to AARP, it’s important to research and make a plan before starting your garden. This includes understanding the limitations of your planting zone, checking your garden site for hours of sunlight and a practical water source, and making a plot plan of your vegetable garden. In addition, The Spruce recommends raking off any mulch used to cover the soil for winter, pulling any early weeds, and considering a no-till approach to avoid strain and injury.

For seniors who may have trouble with traditional gardening methods, there are alternative options. Morning Chores suggests using large container gardening or raised bed gardening for more accessibility, and also mentions that salad tables can make gardening easier for those with restricted movements. recommends staying hydrated and wearing protective gear, like sturdy closed-toe shoes, broad-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and gardening gloves. They also suggest bending at the knees and hips to avoid injury and moving from one activity to another to avoid straining any particular muscle group. Gardener’s Supply recommends using enabling tools like raised beds, large pots and planters, soaker hoses and drip-irrigation systems to eliminate the effort of dragging hoses around, and garden carts for hauling tools and supplies.

A happy spring time is possible through gardening.

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