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Combatting Stress/Self-love

Combatting Stress | So many day-to-day things can increase the stress level in our lives. From driving, worrying about paying bills, relationships, the children, pressure from the job or and school, to a unstable home life. Stress is a normal response to the demands of everyday life, but when it’s excessive and prolonged, it can take a toll on both your physical and mental health. Stress can affect your sleep and eating habits, increase your blood pressure and heart rate and make you more prone to illness. And it can leave you feeling burned out, irritable and overwhelmed. Stress is a natural reaction to difficult situations, but it can become an unhealthy way of life if it’s allowed to linger.

They can sometimes built up that stress can effect your immune system or like a pressure cooker built up where you explode because you dropped the tooth paste cap. Stress can also lead to depression. Combatting Stress can be done with the list below.

How can we apply some self-love instead?
  • Treat yourself; jewerly,art,furniture,car, website ect…
  • Get a new outfit
  • Soak in a bubble bath with candles, soft music and incenses
  • Go to bed early
  • Write a love letter to yourself
  • Buy a friend a gift
  • Let us take care of that love one
  • Stay at a local hotel for a weekend with a good book
  • Get a massage, pedicure or a manicure
  • Get a new hairdo
  • Cook and eat a forbidden meal
  • Smile more often and hold your head up
  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Increase your spirituality
  • Practice yoga or tai chi
  • Adopt a kitten
  • Take a drive through the country side
  • Play on a child swing set
  • Walk in the park or go back to the gym

And realized that there is only one “you.”

Leave a comment on how you give self love or handle stress.

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