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A Care Home is not the Answer.

A Care Home is not necessary. Is it time to have “The Talk” with your parents/loved ones? Have you noticed a gradual decline in their mobility? Have you considered placing them in a costly care facility? He is somewhat lucid during the day but sundowns as the day progresses. Though living alone worries his family,he loves his surroundings and it would be heartbreaking for him to have to leave.

Have you heard the horror stories of the kind of “care” that is given in a home? It’s also possible that staff at care homes will be unhelpful or abusive towards residents. They may not give them enough food or water, or they could even mistreat them physically or psychologically. This is something no one wants to think about when deciding where to send their parents, but it does happen and it can be difficult for families who don’t visit regularly to spot these problems unless someone else tells them about it first. It can be impersonal and cold and not the best place for someone you love. A person having to leave their familiar surroundings can not be the best choice.

Once they move into a care home, they are often left alone all day while staff are occupied with other residents. This means that many don’t get any real social interaction apart from interacting with staff who may not have enough time to provide adequate attention for each resident.

That is where Lucky’s Home Care comes in to the rescue. The solution is not a care home but to hiring one of our trained caregivers from Lucky’s. We are approved by the Pennsylvania Depatment of Health and regulated by the state. Plus, our cost is free and we are paid through our clients insurance.

Give us a call today 724-378-7634 and keep grandpa at home.

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