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Wellness | If you’re like me, you’ve been thinking about your senior years and retirement. There is so much to do before we get there: prepare for the unknown, try new things and enjoy our newfound freedom. But with all of this excitement comes a lot of planning and preparation that needs to be done beforehand. One thing that tends to get put off until later or forgotten about entirely is wellness – something that should start long before retirement! If you want to live a happy life in your golden years, then it’s time to take care of yourself now by maintaining good health on all fronts; mental, physical and emotional wellbeing are equally important when we look at how we age gracefully into our 70s and beyond! | Wellness The concept of wellness has been around as long as humans have. It has only recently become popularized in the western world as a way to explain what we feel when we’re not sick. The word “wellness” is used to describe our state of being when we are healthy, happy and balanced. We can use the word wellness to describe the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our lives.

As we age, our bodies change and we have new needs for support. Senior wellness programs can help seniors maintain their independence longer by strengthening their bodies and minds. Programs include exercise classes like tai chi or yoga; nutrition classes like cooking demonstrations; educational seminars such as financial planning or estate planning; social activities such as luncheons with speakers; transportation services so seniors can attend events; caregiver support services from Lucky’s Home Care; equipment loans; and more.

A well thought out diet and exercise plan is essential. With the Lucky’s home care team you can forget all those mundane household duties and concentrate on yourself and your wellness needs.

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