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Isolation of Seniors

Isolation of Seniors | New research suggests that social isolation is more detrimental to the health of seniors than smoking, obesity, or lack of exercise. But what can be done? More and more Americans are living alone in retirement communities—a trend that will only grow as the number of retirees increases. To help combat this trend, family members should take time for engaging activities with their elderly relatives on a regular basis. This includes getting together for board games or watching movies every week while also setting up monthly phone calls to catch each other up on new events. If you’re not close enough to visit on a weekly basis, there are still plenty of ways to stay connected electronically by sending postcards via snail mail or emailing photos from your latest vacation so they don’t feel so alone, especially during high peeks of Covid.

Loneliness is a universal problem, but it’s especially concerning for seniors. Studies reveal that one in three seniors aged 65 and above feel lonely and isolated from their communities, highlighting the growing problem of senior loneliness. The feeling of being left out or forgotten can be overwhelming and often leads to depression, social anxiety, and other health issues. The loneliness faced by seniors is compounded by the fact that they may not have any friends or family around them at all times. There are several solutions to this problem. One is to encourage seniors to engage in social activities like volunteering, joining a club, or attending events at a community center. Another option is to help seniors connect with others through technology by teaching them how to use social media platforms or video calling apps. These simple solutions can make a significant difference in the lives of seniors, giving them the support, love, and companionship they need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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