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In-home care from Lucky’s?

In-home care | We put our staff through an extensive training course to give you the safest service in your home. They also must pass a background check of their criminal record. We monitor their placement activity to keep the most reliable employees.

We know that most of our clients are the elderly so we ask them to inquire which level of protocol each client wants for Covid-19 safety. Our employees are efficient in their tasks and along other services such as bathing, cooking, shopping, and light cleaning we help with grooming. They are hardworking and we instruct them that the client comes first, plus we have 24 hour care. #seniorcare #inhomecare #eldercare

There are many reasons why an elderly person might need in-home care. Some are related to health issues and others to the need for assistance with daily tasks.
The caregiver will also be there to offer companionship and emotional support. Helping an elderly person maintain his or her independence is very important to us at Lucky’s Home Care. We want our clients to feel comfortable and safe in their own homes as they age. In-home care for seniors is a popular solution for those who need assistance with daily tasks, but do not want to be in a nursing home.

In-home care can be provided by family members, friends and neighbors, but increasingly it is being provided by trained professionals who are either employed directly by the family or through some other agency. In-home care can help seniors maintain their independence by providing them with assistance when they need it most. If your parent or loved one needs help with any of these tasks, consider Lucky’s Home Care. Your role is to support our clients as they live out their golden years in comfort and peace of mind.

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