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The Elderly and Wintertime

Elderly and Wintertime | To keep the elderly safe, they need to prepare for winter. But the cold doesn’t discriminate between age groups, so everyone should take careful measures to ensure they’re ready for the winter. Here are some tips Lucky has given for preparing yourself and your loved ones for staying safe during the wintertime! The Elderly and Wintertime.

What adaptations should the elderly make to prepare for the winter?

Are you ready for the winter? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

● Stock up and stay safe!

Be sure to fill up your pantry and freezer to prevent unnecessary trips to the store

● Order in!

We all forget things or have a random craving here and there; have it delivered and stay warm.

● Put down that shovel!

Ask a neighbor or relative to clear a path for you and the mailman

● Stay in the light!

Be sure to keep plenty of flashlights and batteries handy

● Shots, shots, shots!

Make sure you have the most up to date vaccine(s) and flu shot

● Stay Sudsy!

Wash your hands as often as possible

● Nap like a champion!

Make sure you get plenty of rest

● Stay warm!

Our bodies find it harder to stay warm as we get older. Dress up with extra layers. Be sure to check your furnace in the fall

● Mo’ money, less problems!

Be on the lookout for any monetary assistance in your area. But be careful if it is to good to be true it may be a scam.

Keep a eye out for pets!

Don’t leave your pets outside too long during the winter months or they could freeze or get hurt by slipping on ice or snow. Make sure they have enough water and shelter from wind.


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