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Leading Home Health Care in Greensburg, PA

Bridging the Gap Between Professional Care and Home Comfort

In the picturesque city of Greensburg, Luckys Home Care shines brightly, offering a fusion of top-notch health care services while keeping the warmth of home intact. With us, your loved ones always come first.


Julie M.

Lucky’s Home Care provided exceptional care for my mother. Their caregivers were compassionate, going above and beyond with genuine concern. I had peace of mind knowing my mother was in good hands.


Walter R.

I received top-notch care and support from Lucky’s Home Care after my surgery. Their caregivers were professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, helping me get back on my feet.



Samantha N.

Lucky’s Home Care provided valuable support as a family caregiver. Their team was communicative, responsive, and provided a much-needed break. They ensured my loved one’s wellbeing, and we felt like a team.

We are always happy to discuss your needs in person.

Personal Care Services

Dignity in Every Task.

Personal care in Greensburg takes a beautiful turn with Luckys Home Care. Our commitment is to ensure every senior enjoys their day-to-day activities with grace, autonomy, and our unwavering support.

Every moment matters, and in Greensburg, our companion care ensures no senior ever feels left out. From shared laughs to comforting chats, Luckys Home Care makes every day a bit brighter.

Companion Care Services

Companionship Beyond Care.

Caregivers Services

Heartfelt Care, Home Delivered.

The soul of our services in Greensburg lies with our caregivers. Exceptionally skilled and infinitely kind, they transform caregiving into an art, ensuring every home they touch is filled with trust and love.

Looking for a rewarding career in home health care? Click here to explore opportunities with us.

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Lucky's Home Care, LLC will not discriminate against consumers or Medicaid recipients, services provided, referrals made, and employment actions based on the grounds of race, color, religion, or national origin. Lucky's Home Care, LLC, is committed to providing services in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and all requirements imposed pursuant thereto to the end that "no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, religious creed, or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subject to discrimination in the provision of any care or service.